Candoni Painted Bottles

The Candoni painted bottles feature a unique piece of artwork, silk-screened directly onto the glass using a technique known as serigraphy. This form of art involves stenciling blocks of ceramic glaze colors onto the surface of the bottles through a woven mesh. The glazes build up to create the reproductions of artistic paintings, which are then subjected to heat treatments that render the colors indelible.

Elviana Painted Bottles
Elviana Painted Bottles

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#1 Italian organic wine sold in the USA!


Experience organic wine, vegan wine, and gluten-free wine all in one! Candoni Green wines express the pure, complex deliciousness of our organically grown grapes. What’s more, they contribute to your wellbeing and to that of the planet. Our expertise means our Green wines taste great, but we also work with nature to make our vineyards and the land flourish, as did our ancient Italian forebears, the Etruscans.


With our wines made from certified organic grapes we assure our consumers that we care about bringing a quality wine to their table to share with their loved ones, and we want to contribute to an important movement that provides pleasure, health and good will to the Earth and all of its inhabitants.  Whether you are looking for organic wines, vegan wines, or gluten-free wines, you can trust the Candoni Green Italian wine collection for your next favorite choice!

FAQ Candoni Organic Wines

While we can’t speak for every organic wine company, our Candoni organic wines ARE vegan. In fact, our wines are the first Italian organic and vegan certified wines and are also gluten-free!
Organic wine is healthier than normal wine for several reasons. Because no fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, or any other synthetic chemicals are used to grow the grapes, the drinker can rest assured there are no harmful substances in the wine.
All Candoni Organic Wines are certified organically grown by the Italian government verification organization, ‘Suolo e Salute’. The unique land, terrain, and climate of each region gives our organic wine grapes an excellent quality and taste.
Candoni organic wines are made from 100% organically grown grapes in the Veneto, Sicily, and Lombardy regions. The grape varieties used to make these wines are cultivated according to the organic agriculture method – free of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and all other synthetic chemical substances. Organic wines are good for the planet and for the drinker!